Recent Projects


Below is a list for the roads and civils works completed by Nankhoo Engineers since 2015.

Ethekwini Projects:

Under Construction:

Emona Housing Project – Civil Works

Completed Projects In 2018

Interim Services – Low Volume Roads and Footpaths

Completed in 2015:

Community Infrastructure Project – Low Volume Roads and Footpaths

Started/Completed in 2016:

Interim Services Project – Low Volume Roads and Footpaths (completed)
Community Infrastructure Project – Low Volume Roads and Footpaths (Started)
National Department of Public Works:

Completed in 2015:

Durban SAPS – Repairs and Renovations(Roads and Civils);
Bishopstowe SAPS – Repairs and Renovations (Roads and Civils);
Port Shepstone Magistrates Courts – New Constructions (Roads and Civils)
DoT Roads Projects

Completed 2012:

Wolwane Road – KM 0.00 – KM 2.15 – Road Upgrade

Completed 2013:

P549 (Ahrens Station to Matimotolo) – KM 12.00 – KM 15.00 – Road Upgrade
Wolwane Road – KM 2.15 – KM 3.65 – Road Upgrade

Completed 2015:

P549 (Ahrens Station to Matimotolo) – KM 15.00 – KM 20.00 – Road Upgrade
Completed in 2017:

P549 (Ahrens Station to Matimotolo) – KM 20.00 – KM 25.00 – Road Upgrade (to be completed in 2017);

Started in 2017:

D1724 (Thulasizwe Hospital) – KM0.00 – KM6.00;

Up and Coming DoT Roads Projects:

P6-3 Lane Widening – KM38.10 – KM41.40
L1969 (Wolwane Road) – KM3.65 – KM6.67
D2264 (Woodford to Bethany) – KM0.00 – KM4.50
P549 (Ahrens Station to Matimotolo) – KM25.00 – KM30.00
P487 (Vryheid – Ulundi) – KM14.00 – KM19.00
D1269 (Msinga) – KM0.00 – KM7.00

Oceans Development:

External Roads – Ridge Road and Ridge Extension;
GO! Durban Underground Holding Facility – traffic flows and parking bays for eThekwini ETA;
Stormwater Management Design for External Roads and Underground Facility


Completed in 2015:

Sibumba River bridge on P6-3
Armco emergency replacement on P6-3
Tatana River Causeway on L1360
Woodstock Dam tributary on D1377

Completed in 2016:

ARMCO Culvert Replacements on P151
Sandspruit River Steel Bridge Rehabilitation on P409
Pedestrian Bridge over the Busingatha River
Busingatha River Tributary Bridges and ARMCO on D1264
Road drainage upgrade along P6-3

Completed in 2017:

Buffels River Bridge on L2953
Mooi River Bridge on L2958
Sandspruit River Bridge on D2264
Modderspruit River Bridge on L3228
Replacement of pipe culvert with Box Culvert on P30
Blood River Tributary culvert on L2038
Wasbank River Tributary Bridge on L2019
Replacement and safety upgrades to two bridges on P32
Replacement of pipe culvert with box culvert on P291
Mngwenya River Bridge on D385
Mooi River Tributary Culvert on D276
Woodstock Dam Tributary Bridge on L464
Replacement of bridge barriers on bridges along P1-9
Upgrade of causeway approaches on L1971
Ntinini River Bridge on D1320

Under Construction:

Nkunzi River Bridge on D2404

Upcoming Projects:

Rehabilitation works at Dube TradePort AgriZone
Repair and rehabilitation works at Dube TradePort Cargo Terminal
Upgrade of Mount Mooreland gravel road near Dube TradePort
Repair and upgrade of Govender access road near Dube TradePort
Construction of structural steel canopies at the Dube TradePort AirChefs and Cargo Terminal
Construction of new reservoir at Dube TradePort
Jacking and underpinning of structure in Dube TradePort AgriZone
Khombe River Bridge on L3227
Pedestrian Bridge on Bushmans River
Tugela River Bridge near D2501
Ngcaza river Bridge on L2525
Nkunzi River Bridge on D2404
Nadi River Causeway on L1864
Kwambushumbushu River Bridge – D1240