Celebrating Secretary’s Day

To the one who answers the phone, takes down messages, books your flights and sorts your accommodation. She is more than a personal assistant, a secretary; she is the strength behind you. She is the one who always has a smile on her face when asked for help. Today we say thank you.

What is secretary’s day? This day was created to commemorate all secretaries and administrative professionals in the work place. Its history goes back as far as 1951. After WWII, jobs were plentiful for vibrant enthusiastic women to help steer the captions ship. The day was created by Harry F Klemfuss who recognized the importance and the pivotal role that secretary’s play in the workforce. He promoted the values and importance that the job entails. This is now recognized by bosses and directors all over the world.

The name secretary’s day was changed plenty of times through the decades. Today it is known as Administrative Professionals day. This day is celebrated on the first Wednesday of September in South Africa. Like a house needs a foundation, administrative professionals serve as the foundation of any company. They flair their job with organization, facilitation, wisdom and knowledge. Skills that most people find hard to possess, these individuals are all-rounders.

At Nankhoo Consulting Engineers we celebrate this day by acknowledging the importance that our admins play in the company. Through the years, we have forged valuable bonds and professional status with them. From the Directors of Nankhoo Consulting Engineers, we wish all administrative professionals a very Happy Administrative Professionals Day. Thank you for all you do.