International Receptionist’s Day

Without a receptionist, there’s no way an office could go about the day to day running of the business smoothly, Receptionist’s Day celebrates these heroes of office life.

As soon as you enter an office, anywhere in the world, the first person that you approach is always that pretty lady with a friendly smile. Ever gracious, this person entertains all your queries and advises or assists you on the purpose of your visit. So how do we thank them for their graciousness? National Receptionists’ Day was created in 1991 by the Director of the National Receptionists Association. This inaugural celebration of this special day was created to gain awareness and appreciation of the role of receptionists in a business setting and to provide community and support for receptionists nationwide.

A receptionist is more than a person who just answers the phone. A receptionist assists in a wide variety of office tasks, including setting appointments, filing, record keeping, and a myriad of other office tasks all for the sake of keeping things moving. They are the first contact most people have with a company, and the last face they see on their way out the door.
Here at Nankhoo Consulting Engineers we celebrate this special day by thanking and appreciating our Receptionist, not only today but on every other day. The importance that she plays in our company is vital and we recognise her efforts daily.

Thank you to all the receptionists in every company for the pivotal role that you play in making your company a success.

Happy International Receptionist’s Day!!!