Construction Of Modderspruit River Bridge

The Department of Transport appointed Nankhoo Consulting Engineers to undertake the design and construction management of the Modderspruit River Bridge project, located in the Ladysmith area. This bridge was urgently needed by the St Chads community as the current crossing that was being used had been inadequate with respect to the standard of the design and its ability to address the flooding issues experienced by the community.

Modderspruit River Bridge Site Before Construction

The Modderspruit River Bridge has been designed as a 54m long and 6.5m wide low level bridge. The bridge consists of 3no. 8m spans and 4no. 7.5m spans that sit on reinforced concrete piers and abutments. The bridge consists of 5no. 400mm thick piers and 1no. 800mm thick pier which is located at a central position under the bridge.

The bridge was built using the hard rock layer present within the river bed as a stable founding surface. Mass concrete was used to provide a level surface on which to construct the pier and abutment bases. Once the bases had been constructed the reinforcement steel and formwork were set up and the concrete mix was poured and allowed to cure. The deck staging, formwork and steel were put into place and the bridge deck cast. The bridge deck was cast with one joint located on the 800mm thick pier.

A malthoid layer was used between the deck and the 800mm pier to facilitate movement of the bridge deck. Bollards and guardrails were installed on the bridge deck to ensure the safety of the users.

Modderspruit River Bridge Site After Construction

Nankhoo Consulting Engineers provides quality and safety above all else when undertaking the design and construction management of the projects assigned to us. The work we do is highly linked to the lives and well being of the communities who use our structures and with this in mind the designs that are produced are of a standard and quality that far surpass what is requested and that is what our company strives for.

Modderspruit River Bridge