International Women’s Day

February 28th 1909, a simple protest by women in the Unites States standing up for themselves and their rights paved the way for women across the world. Women around the world used this protest as a pathway for their voices to be heard and to stand up for their rights and equality amongst men. This was the first International Women’s Day.

International Women’s day is a world-wide event celebrated by all women across the world. Seminars, conferences and many other social gatherings are held on this day to strengthen and build support for women’s rights. This day since its first rally, has become a global dimension for women in developed and developing countries.

Since the 1900’s women have strengthened their role in society, be it in the work place, socially or politically. Regardless of tiresome efforts by women standing up for their rights, according to the UN, women are still underpaid by men by 30 to 40% and more than 70% of the world’s poor are women. Women also continue to be victims of violence and rape across the world. In 1956, ordinary women of South Africa stood up for their rights and marched against their oppressions and succeeded. In 2018, the Time’s Up Movement was founded by a small group of women in Hollywood who stood against sexual abuse and harassment of women in the workplace. Women continuously prove that no matter what the circumstances are and how tough the situation is, women will always stand up for themselves and their rights because if you strike a woman, you strike a rock.

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