Nankhoo Consulting Engineers Celebrating Woman’s Month

Now you understand

Just why my head’s not bowed.

I don’t shout or jump about

Or have to talk real loud.

When you see me passing,

It ought to make you proud.

I say,

It’s in the click of my heels,

The bend of my hair,

the palm of my hand,

The need for my care.

’Cause I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.

~~Maya Angelou

The ideals of a women was to cook, clean and take care of her family. She was subjected to domestic violence and emotional abuse. Her opinion had no value and she was disregarded because of her gender. Women suffered. Women struggled.

Women’s day reminds us of the battles women endured not only during apartheid but in life as well. It reminds us of how ordinary women gathered together to take a stand against the people oppressing them. The 20 000 female activists that stood together on that fateful day of 09 August 1956 marched together as one for a cause, to free women all over the nation from their oppressed lives. They taught the future generations of women in this country that if we stand together we can achieve whatever we desire. Women can overcome any situation that is thrown at them. That’s the beauty of how a woman is designed.

Nankhoo Consulting Engineers celebrated Women’s Day by recognizing the strengths of a women, the trials and tribulations women are put through but most importantly all the success and achievement’s between the women of the company. Angelic in white with halos around their heads, the women were treated to a day of bonding and relaxation. The bonds between the women of Nankhoo Consulting Engineers will forge on for years to come.

Women give life.

Women are kind. Women are strong. We are no ordinary women, we are phenomenal women.

Prepared by SAM & LONDI