Nankhoo Consulting Engineers have been appointed by Dube TradePort on a 3 year bases to provide AD HOC engineering services to ensure smooth operations and maintenance of Dube TradePort. The AD HOC engineering services includes structural and civil works in the Dube AgriZone, Dube TradeZone, Dube Cargo Terminal and Dube City. The works range from slope stabilisation, water reservoir, access lanes, structural steel and concrete works, security fencing, surveillance and stormwater management amongst other scope of works. Nankhoo Consulting Engineers team is working hand-in-hand with Dube TradePort’s principle engineer, Mr Anthony Gould, to tackle all proposed works and to ensure swift service delivery.

Nankhoo Consulting Engineers are proud to be Dube TradePort’s AD HOC engineering service provider and are ready to face whatever challenges Dube TradePort may encounter over the next few years.

Done by: Divesh Ramjee